Third/Fourth Classes

May 17th 2021

Loving Poetry!

The poet Percy Bysshe Shelly said that poetry is the 'Expression of the Imagination'. One student who loves to use her imagination to create wonderful poems is Aoife Irvine from Ms Mulcair's Fourth Class. Aoife also loves acting and is a member of the Mullingar Arts Centre Stage School. Recently, Aoife and eight of her stage school classmates decided to take part in a poetry competition. Aoife was asked to use the alien statue, which is near the Arts Centre, as her inspiration. She included many familiar landmarks around the town. The end result was terrific! Yesterday, Gerry and Luke from the Arts Centre team recorded Aoife reading her poem aloud beside the alien statue and soon the recording will be sent off to enter the competition. Aoife really enjoyed writing the poem but the icing on the cake would be if she won a prize for her stage school. We hope you win too Aoife. Best of luck!

loving poetry - aoife loving poetry - alien - copy


April 26th 2021

Sunshine Smiles


Glorious sunshine brings smiles to all our faces, so there were an abundance of smiles around the school today! Many classes took the opportunity to go outside and enjoy the wonderful weather.

The boys and girls in Ms Clarke's Third Class decided to take a walk along the canal. They met dog walkers and cyclists on their journey. They also saw two graceful swans gliding along the water before they took flight. A majestic sight! What a wonderful way to start the week!

sunshine smiles

sunshine smiles b