September 20th 2023

Making Hand Puppets

During a recent Art lesson, the boys and girls in Ms Duffy's Second Class created the most wonderful hand puppets. They first sewed the puppets together using the up/down stitch. Then they each designed an outfit for their puppet using felt, paper, markers and wool. The results were great and I'm sure the children will have lots of fun using their puppets for drama and Irish stories in the coming year. Well done guys!

image 50419969

image 67212033image 67207169

image 67212289image 67213313

image 67239169image 67238657

image 67515137image 67235073

image 50437377



September 14th 2023

Engineering Workshop


unnamedThis week, our lucky fifth and sixth class students took part in an engineering workshop presented by Criodán Ó Murchu. Criodán works with 'Midlands Science' which is a company based in Tullamore, Co Offaly. They work with people of all ages, discussing issues of scientific interest and encouraging young people to consider a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

Criodán spoke to the children about the many different types of engineering - computer, electrical, environmental, civil and bio-medical to name but a few. He then tasked the children with building a tower made only from straws and sellotape. Each group were given 16 straws and had 10 minutes to build the tower. 

img20230914101334Afterwards, they were given lollipop sticks, a small wooden spoon and some elastic bands. Criodán showed the children how to make a catapult. img20230914101352Needless to say there was quite a lot of fun when the catapults were made.

Thankfully, only rolled up pieces of paper or tissue were used because those catapults were very effective at reaching their targets! 






September 13th 2022

Settling in Well

The first two weeks of school have passed very quickly and, by now, everyone has settled into their new routines. Our junior infants are really enjoying their new experience in 'Big School'. Although their days have ended at noon so far, they have still managed to pack plenty of work, play and fun into each day! From tomorrow, Thursday, they will begin their longer days, ending at 1.30pm, but I don't think that this will be a problem for this hard working group! 

img 20230912 095602

Mrs Lyons'Class

img 0554

Mrs Walters' Class


September 8th 2023

Enjoying the Sunshine

The beautiful weather today was a great opportunity to get out for a walk and that's exactly what the students in Ms Clarke's, Mrs Connaughton's and Mr Mc Cormack's Fifth Classes did! With the canal bank so close, it was an ideal location for an early morning stroll in the glorious sunshine!





September 6th 2023

Keeping Busy



Our junior infant classes are keeping themselves very busy! Pictured below is Mrs Walters' Class using playdoh to write their names. Mrs Lyons' Class, pictured left, are enjoying story time at the Storyteller's Chair before they head home for the day.

Starting tomorrow morning our junior infants will walk to class on their own, another step in gaining their independence. Well done guys!

img 0397


September 4th 2023

Camogie Champs

Congratulations to our fifth and sixth class girls who won their Under 12 camogie final with Cullion at the weekend. The future looks bright for this year's Cumann na mBunscol squad with so many talented young players in St Colman's. Well done girls and keep up the good work!

20230903 134859


August 28th 2023

Welcome Back

St Colman's will re-open on Thursday August 31st 2023. We hope you all enjoyed the summer break and will return rested, refreshed and ready for the new school year.

We are looking forward to welcoming our new Junior Infants into the school and we will endeavour to make their transition into 'Big School' as seamless as possible.


We wish all students and staff a very successful school year.

welcome back 2016

School Phone Number - 044 9340901

email address -  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it









June 28th 2023

Excellent Attendance

Congratulations to the students who were awarded certificates this morning in recognition of their excellent attendance in St Colman's in the last school year. Some of the children pictured below didn't miss a single day and others missed less than five days. For many, this was not their first time to receive this award. Well done guys!

20230628 095808


June 23rd 2023

Active School Week



active-school-week1 - copyActive School Week is always enjoyed by students and staff alike and this year was no exception! There were activities aplenty to keep everyone occupied. Throughout the week, on any given day, at any time during the day, class groups could be seen outside enjoying the many varied activities. The new football field, upper and lower playgrounds and the front field were in constant use.

The children enjoyed yoga, tug of war, ninja gymnastics, rounders/no man's land, circuit training, orienteering, penalty shootout, tag rugby, football, obstacle course and basketball to name but a few.

basketball hoopOn Tuesday the eagerly awaited staff v's sixth class girls basketball match took place in the lower playground. The competition was fierce, with no side willing to concede any ground to their opponents. Unfortunately, the weather changed and rain called a halt to the game, but what we did see of the game was enjoyed by all!

soccer pic

Thankfully, the weather stayed fine on Wednesday and the staff v's sixth class boys football match went ahead. Both teams were definitely playing to win. When the final whistle blew, I'm told it was the students who won by a narrow margin much to the dismay of the staff.

Our fifth and sixth class students also enjoyed a talk on sport and nutrition.

sports day picOn Thursday we had Sports Day. As in the past, our students on the junior corridor stayed in the school, while the students from our senior corridor walked to St Loman's football field. The weather was on our side once again, as it was for most of the week and great fun was had by all!   


We had a truly wonderful fun-filled activity based 'Active School Week'. After all that exercise, I'm sure everyone will sleep well tonight!

img20230622104525 - copy

img20230619131720 - copy

img20230619131728 - copy

img20230620115200 - copy

img20230620115415 - copy

img20230621095126 - copy

img20230621140156 - copy

img20230622095205 - copy

img20230622102713 - copy

img20230622123436 - copy

img20230621122318 - copy

img20230622095012 - copy

img20230621140545 - copy


June 19th 2023

Move in the Morning

This year's 'Active School Week' got off to a terrific start this morning! At 8.50am Mr Beehan called everyone outside for our first 'Move in the Morning' of the week. Students and Staff walked several laps around the green and playground in front of the school. A great way to start the day and one we hope to continue each day. Hope you'll all join us!










June 16th 2023

Non-Uniform/Crazy Hat Day


We love holding a non-uniform day in the school, especially when we're raising money for charity at the same time. Today, we asked the children to come to school wearing their own clothes and a hat of any description and to make a small donation for the charity Extern. As always, the children didn't disappoint and we saw everything from peaked caps to home made creations that haven't got a name yet! Well done everyone!

img20230616115244 - copy

img20230616115530 - copy

img20230616120224 - copy

img20230616121145 - copy

img20230616121353 - copy

img20230616122431 - copyimg20230616122438 - copy


June 16th 2023

Medal Presentation


Today, the entire school gathered on the front field in the sunshine to see the presentation of medals to our St Colman's boys hurling team, girls football team and boys football team. They all performed very well in their respective finals in the Cumann na mBunscol competition. Congratulations and well done to you all!

20230616 113554 - copy

img-20230616-wa0001 - copy

img-20230616-wa0002 - copy


June 13th 2023

Egg Drop Challenge

egg drop challengeHave you ever dropped a raw egg at home? Without anything to slow it down, the egg will drop fast and break. The students in Mrs Gilligan's Fifth Class were tasked with creating a 'carrier' for an egg in an effort to stop it breaking even when it was dropped from a height.

The class was split into groups and each group had to come up with their own individual design that would protect an egg when dropped. Today, after gathering their materials, each group designed their carrier. Bubble wrap, sponges, elastic bands, teddy bear stuffing and tape of all widths were used. 

img20230613115212Mrs Gilligan first dropped the carriers from her outstretched arm. She then stood on a chair, then a table and finally on a wall outside; each time dropping the carriers from a higher position. 

We all know that gravity is what keeps us all on the ground and it also pulls the carriers to the ground. The results varied but a few of the designs passed all the tests. The children discovered that the eggs definitely needed plenty of padding to absorb the impact of hitting the ground, a bit like airbags in cars.

Why not try making your own egg carrier and see how high you can drop it without breaking the egg?









June 11th 2023

St Colman's 5k Family Fun Run/Walk


fun run pic 2018It was with some trepidation that we opened our curtains to check the weather this morning. After hearing weather reports of a break in the good spell and some showers on the way, we were delighted to be greeted by a warm, dry day. Perfect for our 5K Family Fun Run/Walk! We were very grateful to the Civil Defence who were on hand to assist with any emergencies that might arise. 

The race began just outside the gates of Shamrocks G.F.C. grounds at 1.30pm. The serious runners were up at the front and everyone else followed at their own pace. All ages took part - from the very young in prams, to the not so young, and everyone in between - there were even a few family pets! 

Afterwards, many returned to the school for refreshments and a chance to chat with friends. Thanks to everyone who helped in any way and of course to all those who took part. A great success and one we hope to repeat again next year!

















June 1st 2023

Street League

Many of our young Gaelic footballers took part in a street league last night in St Loman's football grounds. This morning they proudly wore their medals into school. The photos below are of the U8, U10 and U11 footballers.





June 1st 2023

Desk Customisation

img20230601123635Our student council 'Desk Customisation' initative was such a success back in February, that they decided to hold it again today. Once again, we saw a variety of toys brought in. Figurines of favourite movie characters or animals and of course Lego made an appearance. Many decorated their desks with braids made from wool or paper chains and ribbons. What a nice way to end the week before the long weekend!







May 30th 2023

Save the Date!

save the date f fIt's back! After a break of three years, we're delighted to have the St Colman's 5K Family Fun Run/Walk back in the St Colman's calendar.


This year, it will be held on Sunday June 11th starting at 1.30pm followed by light refreshments at the school. Sponsorship cards have been handed out in school to the oldest child in every family. Every card returned with €20 or more will entitle the child's immediate family to free entry to the race on the day. We also have an incentive for the class with the highest level of card sales. They will enjoy a trip to the Town Park with ice cream.

So make sure to keep that date free! Whatever your fitness level, all are welcome and we hope you will join us on what will undoubtably be a very enjoyable event!


May 26th 2023

Learning About an Ambulance

It was a pleasure to welcome Betty and Karen from the Order of Malta to the school today. Betty, a retired nurse and Karen, a health care assistant, are volunteers with the Order of Malta. They attend many music festivals, agricultural shows, ploughing and equestrian events, always available to help anyone who might need them. They also transport children and adults who need to attend important medical appointments. Betty told me that just last weekend, she worked eighteen hours. What a wonderful commitment that shows.

Today, they visited St Colman's, to introduce the boys and girls from Junior Infants to Second Class to the various medical equipment that is needed on a working ambulance. They showed great patience with the excited children and allowed them to sit in the front of the ambulance and also investigate the rear section which carries the patients. To send each class on their merry way, Betty sounded the siren much to the delight of them all.

Thanks so much to Betty and Karen for taking the time to visit us today.




May 26th 2023

Celebrating the Win!


Our victorious boys football team had a surprise in store for them today. While the players were engaged in a post match discussion in the school hall, the rest of the students from junior infants to sixth class and their teachers lined up on the perimeter of the new football pitch.



When the team emerged, joint captains Luke and Michael holding the winning cup, led them on a lap of honour around the pitch, amid rapturous cheers and applause. All the students were excited to see and hold the cup in their hands and congratulate the players. 

Afterwards, the young footballers stayed outside with the junior infant classes. They spent some time in the sunshine, playing games and having a penalty shoot-out with them.







May 25th 2023

Cumann na mBunscol Finals



cumann na bunscoil logo - copyHuge congratulations to St Colman's boys hurling team, girls football team and boys football team who made it all the way to their respective finals in the Cumann na mBunscol Competition in Cusack Park this week. 

On Tuesday, the boys hurling team played against St Tola's N.S., Delvin. They started strong and were winning at half time. Unfortunately with the wind against them in the second half, St Colmans's were unable to match the intensity of the opposition and St Tola's were the winning team.

On Wednesday, our girls football team played against Ardnagrath N.S., Athlone. They played very well but unfortunately came up against a stronger team and were not victorious on the day.

Today, the boys football team played against a determined and skilful team from St Etchen's N.S., Kinnegad. St Colman's were up for the challenge though and after a tough and exciting game, they emerged as winners!

Very well done to all our young sports people and their coaches. You all represented St Colman's so well and we are very proud of all your achievements!




May 18th 2023

Bike Week in St Colman's


0817eacf-614d-4d11-8064-4275c5cff6afThis year, National Bike Week runs from 13th - 21st May. A variety of events will be held around the country to celebrate and promote the benefits of cycling.

We are very proud that many of our students cycle, walk or use a scooter to travel to school each day. While we are aware that it is not possible for everyone to cycle to school, we did encourage as many as possible to get their bikes out this week. As always, the children listened and our bike racks were overflowing. All ages from junior infants to sixth class took part as the photos below prove. Well done everyone!







20230518 115732



 May 15th 2023

 Party Time

The boys and girls from our Second Classes had a very busy fun-filled day with their families on Saturday, as they celebrated their First Holy Communion. The fun didn't end there though. The children arrived in school this morning in all their finery and attended Mass in St Paul's Church, where they received Communion for the second time. When Mass was over, it was time for the official photographs to be taken.

Afterwards, the boys and girls changed into their party clothes and headed to the school hall, where food and drinks awaited them. As you would expect, they had no trouble devouring it all! The children really enjoyed themselves and it was a fitting end to their First Holy Communion celebrations!















May 13th 2023

First Holy Communion

first holy communion 2020

Congratulations to the boys and girls from Ms Duffy's and Mrs Healy Donoghue's Second classes who made their First Holy Communion today. We hope you enjoyed the celebrations with your families.


May 8th 2023

Irish Dancing Win


img20230508114437Amy Devaney from Mrs Connaughton's Sixth Class is no stranger to our website. I have reported on her countless wins over the last number of years.

Amy began Irish Dancing with Emerald Lake Academy of Irish Dance in Rochefortbridge ten years ago, when she was just three years old. She is certainly dedicated to it as she attends lessons every Tuesday and Wednesday and also on Sunday if a competition is looming.

On Saturday, Amy took part in the North Dublin Open, which was held in the River Valley Community Centre, Swords. In the U13 age category, Amy came first in the Slip Jig and Reel and she came second in the Hornpipe and Modern Set. In the U14 age category, she came first in the Heavy Jig and second in the Open Championship. Amy also took part in the U15 Trad Set and came in sixth place. Huge congratulations Amy, what a wonderful achievement!


May 2nd 2023

Weightlifting Competition Winner


img20230502134951Isabella Bradley from Mrs Gilligan's Fifth Class has been a member of Fitness4U Gym clean and jerkfor 8 months. She trains three days a week for an hour each time. Isabella focuses her attention on Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

On Sunday April 30th, Fitness4U hosted a competition with teams travelling from Dublin and Cork. Isabella took part in Group 2 by her age and weight. She Snatched 22KG which is her personal best (PB). img20230502135421She lifted 29KG in Clean & Jerk, although she has a PB of 30KG. Isabella was delighted to win first place. Congratulations Isabella!


April 21st 2023

Cavan County Museum

img20230421105428Our fifth class students, from Mrs Gilligan's and Mr Ennis' classes, love History as their projects in an earlier article prove! Recently they have been learning all about World War I and will soon move on to the 1916 Easter Rising.

Today, the lucky students travelled to Ballyjamesduff to visit the Cavan County Museum. The museum houses many fascinating artefacts dating from the Stone Age through to the 20th century, with material spanning over 6,000 years. Our students focused on the events of World War I and the 1916 Easter Rising. They practised making trenches using heavy sandbags and wooden planks. Their knowledge was tested when they matched answers to questions about words and phrases typically used during that time. Some of the words are still being used today like 'Kip', which of course means having a sleep. They had great fun trying on uniforms and helmets worn by the young soldiers during World War I. They saw a replica of a bayonet and saw real guns used during the war. They took turns holding one of the guns and were amazed at how heavy it was. They also had the opportunity to visit the replica of the  General Post Office (GPO), Dublin, which was the headquarters of the Irish Volunteers during the 1916 Easter Rising. Alison and Johann were our guides and were available to answer the many questions that the children had.

This may have been our students first time to visit the County Cavan Museum but I'm sure it won't be the last!







img20230421124807img 0771




April 21st 2023

World War I Hero



Oisin Mc Donnell from Mrs Gilligan's Fifth Class brought a family heirloom into school today to show his classmates.

img20230421092408William Taffe, Oisin's great great grandfather, fought and sadly lost his life in World War I. Mr Taffe's next of kin were presented with a commemorative medallion to mark his service during the war. The medallion was known as a Death Penny.

  • April 17th 2023
  • All Ireland Boxing Champion

    • img20230417125830Kayla Mc Loughlin Nevin, from Mrs Connaughton's Sixth Class, is no stranger to the boxing arena. She began boxing with the Olympic Boxing Club Mullingar when she was five years old. She has won many medals over the years and last year, she made it all the way to the All Ireland Finals but was sadly beaten on the night.img20230417125810 
    • On Saturday last, Kayla travelled to the National Stadium in Dublin to take part in this year's All Ireland Finals. In the Girl 2 - 45Kg category, Kayla came up against the same boxer which must have been daunting, but after a tough battle Kayla was declared the winner. Congratulations Kayla on your wonderful achievement!




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March 31st 2023

Scór na bPáistí


The county final of Scór na bPáistí was held in The Downs GAA Club last night. Ms Kelly has been putting our competitors through their paces over the last couple of weeks in preparation for this final stage. The culmination of all their hard work was on display last night for all to enjoy. Our sixth class figure dancers - Evelyn, Aoife, Kara, Faye, Amy, Robyn, Karina, Rachel, Maya and Saibh performed a cross reel to Darren Checkley's 'Keep it Reel'. Once again they performed well and were delighted to finish in second place. Our solo singer Darragh sang Phil Coulter's classic 'The Town I loved So Well'. Darragh did a great job and was crowned the overall winner in his section. Congratulations to Ms Kelly and our wonderful performers!



March 30th 2023

World War I

The students in Mr Ennis' Fifth Class have been learning all about World War I - when and why it started, Franz Ferdinand, The Allies and Central Powers, all the major battles, the soldiers in the trenches, the artillery and of course the end of the war when Germany signed the Armistice. They divided into groups to work on World War I projects. Many of the children created dioramas of the battlefields and trenches and some made replicas of the artillery and combat vehicles. Well done to you all!




img-20230330-wa0012            img-20230330-wa0003


March 24th 2023

Book Drive Update


img-20230324-wa0013The first donations for our 'Swap Library' arrived today and the children are so happy that this exciting initiative is up and running. It is hoped that our 'Swap Library' will promote an increased awareness of the importance of reading for pleasure! We are delighted with the response  so far. Thank you to everyone for your kind donations.

Mrs Walters and our Students Council members anticipate many more books in the coming week after a weekend of Spring cleaning. They will be on hand each morning next week to accept further donations in the school hall between 8.50am and 9.10am.



March 23rd 2023

St Colman's Book Drive

reading quoteThe importance of reading can never be underestimated. Reading allows you to learn new things which will help you to succeed in school, work and life. It also improves your focus, memory, empathy and communication skills. Apart from being a wonderful form of entertainment, reading can also reduce stress, improve your mental health and help you live longer!

We encourage our students to read at every opportunity - during our English lessons of course, as part of their homework and also during D.E.A.R. time (Drop everything and read).


This week and next, Mrs Walters, with the help of our Students Council, is holding a book drive. Together, they are encouraging students and their families to have a spring clean of their bookshelves at home. Any pre-loved books that are no longer wanted, can be donated to the school. They hope to collect enough good quality pre-loved books to set up a 'Swap Library' which will be accessible to all students in the school and will be situated at the storytellers chair. It's hoped that this incentive will encourage a culture of reading for pleasure.

Mrs Walters would be delighted to accept books for all age groups once they are in good condition and not torn. Books can be sent in or dropped off at the school every morning from 8.50am - 9.10am. Thank you in advance and happy cleaning!


March 16th 2023

Traditional Music Concert

Our Seachtain na Gaeilge celebrations are in full swing and to complement all the spoken Irish, we thought it would be a great time to host a traditional music concert. We were delighted to welcome back seasoned musicians, Mr Philip Clarke and Ms Olive Kilbane, to the school. They joined Ms Clarke, Ms Duffy, Ms Casey, Ms Kelly and some talented St Colman's students in entertaining us all with music and dance.

Throughout the day, they held not just 1 but 3 concerts for all classes. We had solo dancers and singers, group figure dancers and wonderful traditional tunes in abundance. From reels to jigs to polkas, everyone was clapping their hands and tapping their toes to the music. To close each concert, Darragh led the children in singing a song called Seachtain na Gaeilge, written by Ms Clarke. Huge thanks to everyone involved in this musical session. What a great way to lead us into the St Patrick's Day weekend!













Scór na bPáistí


Our sixth class figure dancers and solo singer Darragh, who performed today in the traditional music concert, also took part in the Scór na bPáistí on Tuesday last, under the guidance of Ms Kelly. They performed well and were delighted to make it through to the semi final of the competition, which takes place in Rochfortbridge on Wednesday March 22nd. We wish you all the best of luck!



March 16th 2023

No Uniform Day

Everyone loves a 'no uniform' day, especially when we're also raising funds for a good cause. Given the time of year, we asked children to come to school dressed in something green to celebrate St Patrick and to donate a euro or two. All monies raised will go to the Fleadh Cheoil Committee to help with their preparations for this year's Fleadh. I'm sure after the success of last year's Fleadh, you're all looking forward to this year's festivities in August. We raised €500 which will be appreciated by the committee. Thank you to everyone who donated.














March 15th 2023

Our Grandparents - Our World

As part of the preparations for Grandparents Day, members of the Student's Council went to all classes and asked the children where their grandparents lived. Of course many live in Mullingar town and many more elsewhere in Westmeath or other counties in Ireland, but lots live in different countries around the world. In total, the children in St. Colman's have grandparents in 30 different countries!
All classes in the school learned the song 'What a Wonderful World' and we sang it with the choir at the end of the Grandparents Day service. The Senior Infants gathered on the altar and held up flags of all 30 countries. Now the flags, along with the words 'What a Wonderful World', are on display in the school hall.

img 20230314 145635 - copy

March 13th 2023

Grandparents Day


gp day 2019After three long years, finally it's back! Grandparents Day - one of the most celebrated occasions in the St Colman's calendar!

At 11am, all students, staff, grandparents, parents and friends gathered in St Paul's Church. img20230313110612The church was filled to bursting and the excitement was palpable. Fr Phil extended a warm welcome to everyone before he invited the junior infant students to the altar, where they sang the sweetest rendition of 'Who do we love Granny, Grandad'. Fr Phil then spoke to everyone about the hugely important role that grandparents play in the lives of their grandchildren. The theme for Grandparents Day this year is 'Your World' and of course for all the children today, their grandparents mean the world to them.

img20230313114813During the procession of symbols, pupils accompanied by one of their grandparents brought symbols of our faith, our time in school and the love we have for each other, to the altar. Bernadette Gibney and her grandson Hugo read the word of God.

We heard from many of the children about how much they love their grandparents. One child told us how his grandmother drives him to school everyday and how she also goes to Mass every day except on Tuesday when she has her computer class! Another child told us that she get sweets from her granny but what she likes best is the beautiful dinners that her granny makes.  Others enjoy making arts and crafts with their grandparents or playing with toys. One calls his grandmother Mamo and another loves to visit his grandparents in Wexford. We were also reminded of the grandparents who are no longer with us but who are remembered with love. Our school choir sang beautifully throughout the service which enhanced the occasion.

img20230313113058Before the final song Fr Phil called Mr Beehan 'the Boss!' to the altar. Mr Beehan thoroughly enjoyed his first 'Grandparents Day' as Principal. He thanked everyone who travelled from near and far to be with us today. He listed off all the wonderful attributes that our grandparents have - great cooks and bakers, best givers of hugs, story tellers, sweet givers, homework helpers and walking companions to name but a few. Sadly there were some grandparents who couldn't travel today but who may be watching the service on the webcam. He asked all the children to turn around and look high up at the back of the church where the camera is situated and give a big wave to everone watching online.

As the service was drawing to a close, our senior infants gathered on the altar for the final song. They each held up flags of many different countries. thank-youThe whole congregation joined with the choir to sing 'What a Wonderful World'.  Afterwards everyone was invited back to the school for refreshments and a chat.

Thanks to everyone who helped out in any way, for once again organising this wonderful family event that was enjoyed by the young and not so young in the St Colman's Community.










grandparents poem


March 7th 2023

Rotary Young Writers Competition


young writerIn January, Mullingar Rotary Club invited students from local primary schools to enter the 2023 Rotary Young Writers Competition. This year the theme was 'Peace'.

We were delighted to receive the news today that we have two worthy winners here in St Colman's. Aoife Walters' from Mrs Byrne's Fourth Class, received a highly commended award for her piece in the Junior Competition and Alfie Rock from Ms Mc Laughlin's Sixth Class came 3rd in the Senior Competition. Congratulations to you both!



February 25th 2023

Texaco Children's Art Competition



texaco art competition logoEarlier this month, Mrs Connaughton sent out a call to all the budding young artists in St Colman's. She asked them to get their artistic thinking caps on and prepare their entries for this year's Texaco Children's Art Competition.

Many famous Irish artists began their careers by entering the Competition and this year marks the 69th year. Taking part in the competition planted the seeds for many and encouraged them to develop their artistic talents as they continued through school.

It certainly sparked a huge level of interest in the school and Mrs Connaughton was thirilled to receive a wonderful selection of entries this week reflecting the amazing talent we have in St Colman's. We wish the very best of luck to all entrants!

The pictures below are just a small selection of the excellent entries from St Colman's this year.







February 22nd 2023

Internet Safety

be smart on the internetFor all the wonderful aspects of using the internet such as gathering information, communication, working from home, worldwide connectivity, online education, shopping and entertainment, it does unfortunately feature threats, dangers and challenges.


img20230222104911Today, we welcomed Garda Fiona Walsh to the school to talk to us about keeping ourselves safe while we enjoy surfing the net. Fiona is part of the Community Policing Team in Mullingar. She spoke about the importance of only communicating with friends and not accepting friend requests from strangers, even if they appear to be very friendly. Cyber-bullying, which is bullying online, can be a problem among internet users of all ages, so she stressed how vital it is to tell an adult you trust if you are at the receiving end of any online abuse. Fiona pointed out that many of us are in groups on Snapchat, WhatsApp or Xbox and excluding someone from those chats is a form of bullying too.

stop-cyber-bullyingWe have all heard of internet and phone scams. Fiona urged the children never to click on links that come up on their phones or devices and never to give away information about their families, e.g. their parents' or pet's names, as these are often used as security questions when setting up bank accounts. The children had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss their concerns. Before Fiona finished up, she reiterated that if the children should ever feel worried or uncomfortable while online, they should TELL an adult they trust.



February 22nd 2023

Ash Wednesday

ash wednesdayAsh Wednesday marks the beginning of the Lenten season. At Mass, the priest marks foreheads with black ashes, in the sign of the cross. The ashes used are typically made from the burning of blessed palms from the previous year's Palm Sunday Celebration. All classes from 2nd to 6th attended Mass today in St Paul's Church to receive their ashes.

Traditionally, we think of Lent as a time when we give up something - sweets, chocolate, sugar in your tea, Xbox etc, but it can also be a time when we start something new. Why not make a special effort to keep your room tidy, help around the house, or do something kind for someone you meet during your day?


February 21st 2023

Pancake Tuesday

pancakesThe delicious aroma of freshly cooked pancakes wafted along the corridors of St Colman's today as many classes celebrated Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Tuesday as it is more commonly known.

For Christians, Shrove Tuesday marks the last day before Lent begins. A day when we feast on rich foods, like tasty pancakes, clearing our cupboards of goods such as butter, sugar, eggs and flour. cooking pancakesIn France and the United States, the day is known as Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday. The French like to make a wish before flipping their pancakes. They do this while holding a coin in the other hand.

img20230221120653Many classes had pancake parties, while Mrs Lyons' Fourth Class had a pancake decorating contest and the boys and girls in Ms Kelly's Junior Infant Class had plenty of giggles as they tried to flip their pancakes! A wide variety of fillings were enjoyed - sugar and lemon, jam, butter, maple syrup, fresh fruit and of course the very popular chocolate spread. What filling will you have tonight?


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February 15th 2023

Desk Customisation Day


img 6078Since taking over their new roles, our student council members have been brainstorming regularly to come up with different ways to improve and enhance the school life experience for all. Recently they invited Mr Beehan to one of their meetings to share some of their ideas with him. Mr Beehan was very impressed and enjoyed teasing out the different ideas with the students.

img20230215102229After much discussion, the first initiative they chose to implement was 'Desk Customisation'. Jack Lyons who came up with this particular idea wanted to give each child in St Colman's an opportunity to express their individuality. The idea is that anyone who wishes to take part can decorate their own desk with something that interests them. Everyone was asked to choose something that wouldn't distract their classmates or themselves, so, nothing electronic or noisy or too big. As we were heading into the mid-term break, today was the perfect day to start this initiative.



A wide variety of toys were brought in. We saw Lego, figurines, dolls, balls, a hurl or two, a lightsaber, rubix cubes, fidget toys, crystals and soft toys to name but a few. We had a couple who showed us their current knitting and crocheting work. Some chose to decorate their desks with paper chains, ribbons and their favourite football team crests. There was definitely an air of fun around the school today, so thanks must go to the student council for their wonderful initiative. We look forward to the next one!

img 6079









January 27th Jan 2023

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat


image 2After months of rehearsals and a huge amount of hard work, the students in our Sixth and Third Classes were ready to take to the stage to perform Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, in Mullingar Arts Centre.

First up, on Wednesday night, were the boys and girls from Mrs Connaughton's Sixth Class. On Thursday night it was the turn of Ms Mc Laughlin's Sixth Class. Each night, the casts were ably supported by some young actors from our Third Classes.  The choir was made up of our third class students and they complemented the action on stage to perfection.


Both performances were packed to the rafters and it's safe to say that the audience was not disappointed if the rapturous applause and cheers were anything to go by. theatre - copyThe sets and costumes were worthy of a professional group of actors and, who knew we had such a talented group of superb actors, graceful dancers and angelic singers here in St Colman's! For many, this was their first time performing for such a large audience, but for some, I'm sure it won't be the last time we see them treading the boards. Rather, this is just the beginning of their career in the performing arts.

All in all, these two shows were resounding sucesses for all concerned. Huge thanks must go to Sarah, Sarah-Ann, Sean and the entire staff of the Arts Centre for all their help and guidance in putting together two outstanding performances and of course heartiest congratulations and well done to all our sixth and third class students. I hope you all enjoyed your time in the spotlight!

img 6002

img 5992img 5995

img 6007

img 5999


January 12th 2023

Dogs Trust Visit


dogs-trust2We were delighted to welcome Peter Cleary from Dogs Trust, Ireland to the school this week. Peter paid a visit to all classes since Monday and imparted some of his extensive knowledge of dogs to the children.

When Peter visited the school in previous years, he brought his rescue dog, Magic, with him. Sadly, this time Peter couldn't bring Magic with him, as she is getting older - 12 years old which means she's in her 80s in human years. The excitement of meeting all the children is too much for her now. Peter did bring a soft toy dog with him for demonstration purposes.

Ireland has only one Dogs Trust Centre situated in Dublin. Every county has a dog pound however to cater for stray dogs. At the moment, there are 150 dogs in the centre and although they can cater for more than 200 dogs, Peter explained that they try to keep the numbers down so that they can give the correct amount of care to each dog. Usually the dogs that end up in the centre are unhappy and often unhealthy. Over time and with a huge amount of care, which includes not alone medicine and good food but also lots of exercise, the dogs become happy and healthy and ready to be housed with a new owner. At this point, the dogs meet with the centre's behavioural advisor, who will endeavour to house each dog with a suitable person or family, if there is one available. Unfortunately, some dogs don't find a match and so there logo-paws-think-stay-safeare quite a few long term residents in the centre. Peter repeated that old saying 'A dog is for life, not just for Christmas'. Dogs Trust get the most calls and are at their busiest in January. 

Peter gave the children some helpful tips about caring for a dog. By law, all dogs must be microchipped and must always wear a collar that bears the name and address of the owner. He told them about foods that you should never give dogs and food that is good for them. He stressed the importance of having your dog neutered to avoid having unwanted puppies. He encouraged walking your dog daily and most important of all...enjoy your dog!


how to be dog smart


January 9th 2023

Enrolment Week


     Scoil Cholmáin Naofa N.S.crest with yellow outline

     Junior Infants

     2023 - 2024

Enrolment for Junior Infants for September 2023

is open and takes place from

9th January 2023 - 27th January 2023



Please CLICK HERE to download an application form.


          For more information click on the enrolment button above.          



January 6th 2023

Feast of the Epiphany

three kingsToday, students and staff attended 9.15am Mass in St Paul's Church to celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany, also known as Three Kings Day, Little Christmas and Nollaig na mBan. The feast celebrates the visit of the Three Wise Men, to worship the newborn baby Jesus. Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar brought gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. This marks the end of the Christmas Season.




christmas message 2022




December 21st 2022

Enrolment Week

     Scoil Cholmáin Naofa N.S.crest with yellow outline

     Junior Infants

     2023 - 2024


Enrolment for Junior Infants for September 2023 will take

place during the weeks of

9th January 2023 - 27th January 2023

Application forms will be available from the office during this time.

All completed applications for places in Junior Infants for September 2023,

together with the necessary documentation - birth cert and proof of address (recent/3mths - utility bill or bank statement etc.), must be returned to the school office by

4pm on Friday 27th January 2023


December 20th 2022

Christmas Plays


christmas play clip artThe Christmas Plays were back this year to the utter delight of all who performed and of course to the audience who attended each play. We had a total of 13 classes performing this year and to say that it brought a feeling of joy to the school would be an understatement. The songs and laughter emanating from the school hall, while rehearsals were in full swing, left an air of anticipation and excitement, as we awaited the finished productions. 

theatre clipartThe first play, 'Lights Camel Action' by Mrs Deane/Ms O'Dowd's Fourth Class and also Mrs Lyons' Fourth Class, started the ball rolling on December 14th and today 'Away with the Manger' by Mrs Gilligan's Fifth Class brought the entertainment to a close. Of course the baby Jesus featured in most plays, there was a 'whoops a daisy' angel who had a habit of falling over and bumping into things, inspectors came to St Colman's in another, a couple of thieves Bob and Bill and even Joe Connaire made an appearance! What a great variety we had. All classes put huge effort into their productions and it showed! Congratulations to everyone involved!


December 20th 2022

Christmas Carol Service


fr-philA hush fell over St Paul's Church at 11am this morning, as the annual St Colman's Christmas Carol Service began. Fr Phil Gaffney welcomed the entire school body, family and friends as we gathered to celebrate the Christmas Season in song and prayer. After a break of two years, it was wonderful to see everyone back together again. 

Children, representing every class group, read the story of Jesus' birth, while members of the living crib gathered on the altar. The readings were interspersed with Christmas hymns, sung beautifully by our school choir. The children from our second classes, who will make their First Holy Communion next year, took part in The Procession of Light and decorated the Christmas Tree with symbols of Christmas. The children who are learning guitar and ukulele also played a selection of Christmas songs. 


At this time of the year, when one can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the materialistic side of Christmas, it's nice to slow down and take a quiet moment to reflect and remember the true meaning of Christmas. This morning's service gave us the perfect opportunity to do just that.






December 5th 2022

A Christmas Festival

music notesAfter a break of over two and a half years, the Mullingar Choral Society performed in 'A Christmas Festival' in the Cathedral of Christ the King last night, offically launching the Christmas Season in Mullingar. The Choral Society have a tradition of inviting a local primary school to perform with them and this year, St Colman's N.S. was the lucky school chosen. treble clefThe music was provided by the Ariosa String Quartet, accompanied on keyboard by Gerard Lillis, under the baton of Fintan Farrelly. Renowned local soprano, Helen Hassett, also performed at the event. This musical extravaganza had a huge attendance and while it was the largest audience that our choir has ever performed to, by all accounts they were outstanding and did us proud. Congratulations to everyone who took part and to all the teachers who prepared the students!


December 5th 2022

Christmas Fair



cmas fairThe place to be yesterday morning was definitely St Colman's N.S. and I'm delighted to tell you that I wasn't the only one who thought that. Of course, the St Colman's Christmas Fair was back and the school was filled to bursting and was buzzing with festive cheer. 

christmas cupcakesA fabulous array of home baked goodies, donated by many of you, were on sale and were snapped up by the appreciative crowd. A selection of crafts created by St Colman's students were also on sale. The hugely successful freshly made crepes and ice cream parlour were back again. As you can imagine, both of these stalls were kept busy throughout the morning. The very popular 'Pelt the Elf' was also a huge hit.

The photo booth with exciting backdrops and festive props was also busy throughout the morning. Many families sat for their 2022 Christmas photo and were delighted with the result. Of course, Santa's Grotto was a hive of activity and was by far the busiest room in the school. The smiles on the children's faces lit up the room.

christmas seasonIt was wonderful to welcome everyone back to the school again after quite a while. This annual event was once again a resounding success and a great start to the Christmas season. Thank you to St Colman's Parents Association for organising and to everyone who helped out in any way.  


December 1st 2022

christmas candleChristmas Calendar of Eventschristmas candle

Sun Dec 4th

Christmas Fair



Wed Dec 14th

'Lights Camel Action'

Mrs Deane's/Ms O'Dowd's 4th Class



'Lights Camel Action'

Mrs Lyons' 4th Class


Thurs Dec 15th

'Shine Star Shine'

Ms Kelly's Junior Infant Class



‘Whoops a Daisy Angel’

Mrs Walters' Junior Infant Class



'Snowman at Sunset'

 Ms Costelloe's Junior Infant Class



'A Present for the Baby'

Mrs Healy-Donoghue's 2nd Class


Fri Dec 16th

'The Nativity'

Ms Casey's Senior Infant Class



'The Nativity'

Ms Marren's Senior Infant Class


‘Tinsel and Tea Towels’

Ms Duffy's 2nd Class


Mon Dec 19th

'Lights Camel Action'

Mr Shaw's 4th Class



'Don't Wake the Baby'

Mrs Ginnell's 1st Class 


'Don't Wake the Baby'

Ms Kelly's 1st Class


 Tues Dec 20th

Carol Service

St Paul's Church


'Away with the Manger'

Mrs Gilligan's 5th Class




Wed Dec 21st

School closes






Thurs Jan 5th 2023

School Re-opens






November 30th 2022

Save the Date


save the date 2At last, after two quiet Christmas seasons, our Christmas festivities are back in full swing! First up is our annual Christmas Fair which will be held in the school on Sunday next, December 4th.

Our Parents Association has been very busy helping us to prepare for the day. A group of parents have very kindly worked with children in the Christmas Craft Club over the past number of weeks and we want to say a huge thank you to them. img-20221130-wa0002This has been such an enjoyable experience for the children and it is wonderful to have parents back in the school building, supporting us in such a hands-on way. We can't wait to see their wonderful creations on Sunday.

So if you want to get your Christmas shopping underway, why not come along on Sunday after 10.30am Mass in St Paul's Church. As always, there will be an array of homemade goodies on sale and tea and coffee to enjoy while you chat with friends. The photo booth is back which is sure to bring some added fun to the occasion. There will be plenty of games to keep the children happy and an old favourite 'pelt the Elf' is back.





November 14th 2022

Thank You from Team Hope


thankyousomuchbunnybutterfliesThis morning, Mrs Margaret Coyle, a representative from Team Hope, called to the school to collect our donations for the Christmas Shoebox Appeal.

Margaret was absolutely delighted with the huge img-20221114-wa0003 - copyarray of donations that awaited her. Our Student Council members helped Margaret to carry the supplies to her car. Before she left, Margaret asked the Student Council to pass on her sincere thanks to all the students in St Colman's for their wonderful efforts.

These supplies will travel many miles to Africa and Eastern Europe and will very soon put smiles on the faces of the children who receive them. Well done everyone and thank you for your generosity!



November 10th 2022

Christmas Shoebox Appeal


team hope shoeboxOur Student Council has certainly hit the ground running since they took up their new roles. Their latest venture is the Team Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal. Each year, Team Hope collects gift-filled shoeboxes and delivers them to the children they work with in Africa and Eastern Europe who are affected by poverty or marginalisation.img20221110130326

We are very conscious of the rising cost of living so this year, instead of filled boxes, we are asking for donations of items for the boxes. Suggested items for the appeal come under the headings of the 4 W's - something to write with, something to wash with, something to wear and something to WOW!


Our Student Council members have visited classes every day this week to collect donated items and are delighted with the response. All the wonderful donations are displayed at the reading chair at the top of the corridors and what an incredible sight it is! We are still accepting donations until tomorrow evening. A huge thank you to everyone who has donated items, big or small. We really appreciate it and we know that the children who will eventually receive the Christmas shoeboxes will be very happy indeed!




happy halloween 2014


October 28th 2022

Children Helping Children


children helping childrennFor a long number of years, St Colman's N.S. has been associated with many charitable causes. We especially like when the children in St Colman's help other children at home or abroad.

At a recent meeting, our new Student Council members decided on their first fundraising venture. We love to dress up for Halloween, so why not turn our annual 'Dress Up Day' into a fundraiser for a local girl in need of our help.

Lucy Thompson is a very special little girl who was born with a rare condition called Zellweger Syndrome. Lucy's mum Carla is a past pupil of St Colman's. Carla, along with Lucy's dad Kris, are fundraising at present to adapt their home to make it more accessible for Lucy. All monies raised today will go to that fundraiser.

Our Student Council members visited each class over the past week to let the children know about the fundraiser. They pointed out that although you can come to school in costumes of your choice, if dressing up is not for you, you can wear your own comfortable clothes. They encouraged everyone to donate whatever they could to this worthy cause. Today, they collected all the monies donated and under the supervision of the adults supporting the council, they counted the proceeds. I'm delighted to tell you that €1,187 was collected. Thank you to all who donated. 


First thing this morning, children arrived in all their spooky glory. There were many witches, skeletons, cheerleaders and some scary clowns. A few Draculas and vampires. Mario and Luigi made an appearance and of course, the Incredible Hulk. They were all met at the school gate by Superman which was a surprise for all! Below are just some of the wonderful costumes that graced the corridors of St Colman's. Well done everyone!

We hope you have a wonderful Halloween Break and we look forward to seeing you all relaxed and refreshed on Monday week November 7th.








October 14th 2022

Our New Student Council

The election is over, the votes have been counted and the new student council members have been chosen. Today, those members received their badges at a presentation in the school hall, at 10.30am.

We were delighted to welcome Minister Peter Burke, Deputy Robert Troy, Councillor Mick Dollard and Councillor Aoife Davitt to the school this morning to take part in the presentation. Ms Sinead Casserly, a colleague of Minister Burke, also attended. Sinead is a past pupil and was in one of the first classes in the school back when it was founded. Another special visitor was Mrs Mary Mulcair who was one of the original group who established the Student Council in April 2019. All the candidates who took part in the election were also invited.

img20221014104609Mr Beehan opened the ceremony by welcoming all the guests. He then introduced the seven members of the outgoing students council. Each member in turn told the invited guests why they put themselves forward for the students council, what they enjoyed most and how they organised the election, which was their last task for the council.

A 'question and answer' session followed, where students eagerly asked our guests many and varied questions about their career, eg: who inspired you and did you inspire anyone to go into politics?, how long have you been in politics? and is it hard work? The children were enthralled by the answers. Councillor Dollard is 37 years in politics. Along with all the work he does in the County Council, he also helps out with many committees in the community. img20221014110812Councillor Davitt told the children that she feels there isn't enough women in politics. She hopes to be a voice for women and would like to encourage more women into politics. Deputy Troy began his political career in 2004. Before that, he was on the very first students council in St Finian's College. He thinks that the most important part of his role is to be the voice for the people. Minister Burke pointed out that he wasn't elected the first time he ran for public office but he didn't give up. He encouraged all the children to follow their dreams and never to give up.  

The deputies then presented the outgoing student council with a small gift in acknowledgement for their hard work over the past year before presenting the new elected candidates with their student council badges.    

We would like to thank all our guests for taking time out of their busy schedules to visit the school and impart their extensive knowledge. We would also like to wish our new student council all the very best for the coming year!





October 11th 2022

Playground Games


As an 'Active School' we encourage activity all the time, whether it's becoming involved in school teams, taking part in P.E. lessons or enjoying playtime in the playground! Our junior infants are new to the playground and in an attempt to help them settle in, our sixth class students spent some time with them and taught them some of the old playground games that have been keeping children active and healthy for decades. Last Friday, they played 'traffic lights', 'duck, duck goose' and 'what time is it Mr Wolf'. They all enjoyed their time together and are excited to meet up again next Friday.






October 7th 2022

Polling Day

img20221007082059 - copyThe excitement was palpable as polling day finally arrived in St Colman's. Each class went to the school hall at their allotted time. The candidates sat on chairs in front of their classmates and took it in turn to deliver their manifestos. They each explained why they felt they were the best person to represent their class on the student council.

img20221007082148 - copyEach class teacher acted as presiding officer and explained in detail how the the children should cast their vote. Then the voting took place. The children placed an 'X' beside the candidate of their choice at the polling booth and when they had folded the ballot paper, they placed it in the ballot box. The outgoing student council representatives assisted as polling clerks and ensured that all procedures were correct and the voting was conducted in secret. img20221007082143 - copy

The polling clerks then counted the votes and when the count was verified the winning candidates were announced. Next week the official announcement of all the new members will take place and I will keep you updated on the event.

img20221007082133 - copy

image 50436353 - copy

img20221007092957 - copy

image 67185153 - copyimage 67215361 - copyimage 67227137 - copy

img20221007093344 - copy

img20221007093652 - copy            img20221007095047 - copy


October 4th 2022

Changes on the Student Council

student councilA new school year brings a new group of student council representatives. At the moment, the school is buzzing with excitement for the upcoming student council elections. Students from each class from third to sixth class have the opportunity to put their names forward for election. On Friday, each candidate will deliver their manifesto to their classmates in the school hall. The classmates will then d-ballot-box-image-voting-red-checkmark-56993013vote for their preferred candidate, on a specially designed ballot paper and place it in the ballot box. We would like to wish the candidates all the very best in their campaign.

img20221005140755 - copyOur outgoing student council members have been hard at work over the last couple of weeks organising this election which in many ways is similar to the local Council elections. We would also like to thank the outgoing members of the student council for all their hard work in making the school a better place for everyone and wish them well in all their future endeavours.

img20221005140137 - copy 

Our outgoing student council - Amaia Lozano, Isabella Bradley, Polly Keegan, Darragh Mc Cabe, Aoife Walters, Devon Pentony and Theo Kelly


September 28th 2022

Westmeath Schools Cross Country Run


cross country runners 2022Congratulations to all our young runners, from second to sixth class, who took part in the Westmeath Schools Cross Country Run, which took place in Belvedere House and Gardens today. St Colman's was very well represented by a terrific group of boys and girls, six children from each year group. As always, all our runners performed well and did us proud, with many bringing home medals. Well done to you all.


September 9th 2022

Coffee Morning for Parents of Junior Infants


On Tuesday morning we invited our Junior Infant parents into the school hall for a cup of coffee. This gave them the opportunity to meet each other properly and have a nice relaxed chat. The event was very well attended and was organised by our new Home School Community Liaison (HSCL) Mrs Róisín Slevin and is hopefully the first of many such gatherings this year. Thank you to all who came along. We look forward to seeing you all again soon at our Parents' Association evening on Thursday September 15th.

20220906 094011

20220906 094035

20220906 094106

20220906 094149


August 29th 2022

Welcome Back

St Colman's will re-open on Wednesday August 31st 2022. We hope you all enjoyed the summer break and will return rested, refreshed and ready for the new school year.

We are looking forward to welcoming our new Junior Infants into the school and we want to make their transition into 'Big School' as seamless as possible.

For more information on what to expect on their first day and the routines we will establish over the coming weeks, please  CLICK HERE 


Staggered drop off and collections are no longer a requirement. All children from Senior Infants to 6th Class can arrive at any point during our assembly time of 8:50am to 9:10am.

Children should not arrive earlier than 8:50am as the school will not be accessible prior to this and no supervision will be in place.

We wish all students and staff a very successful school year.

welcome back 2016

School Phone Number - 044 9340901

email address -  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



happy summer holidays 2022 - copy


June 22nd 2022

Staff V's Sixth Class Girls



After a gap of a few years, the eagerly awaited staff v's sixth class girls basketball match took place this afternoon in the lower playground. The competition was fierce, with no side willing to concede any ground to their opponents. The game was enjoyed by all!

staff vs sixth class girls 2022


June 17th 2022

Sports Day


sports day logoThis wonderful activity-based Active School Week culminated in Sports Day today. Sadly the God of good weather wasn't shining down on us today, but we weren't deterred. As in the past, our students from junior infants to second class stayed in the school, while the students from third to sixth class walked to St Loman's football field. Despite the inclement weather, the children took part in each event with great enthusiasm and enjoyed it to the full.

active school week 2022 c 

June 16th 2022

Active School Week

active-school-week1 - copyIf there's a God of good weather, she was certainly looking down on us this week! The students were eagerly awaiting Active School Week and the good weather that arrived only added to the excitement.

Throughout the week, on any given day, at any time during the day, class groups could be seen outside enjoying the many varied activities. The new football field, upper and lower playgrounds, the front field and the Bishop's field were in constant use. The children enjoyed basketball, soccer, football, hurling, skipping, running, dodgeball, cricket, tag rugby, circuit training, obstacle course and tug-of-war, to name just a few!

active school week 2022

On Tuesday, our boy's hurling team played in the Cumann na mBunscoil Division 2 hurling final in Cusack Park, against St Michael’s NS, Castletown Geoghegan. St Colman's played a superb game worthy of Division 1. Their opponents never-say-die spirit continued right up to the end but they were not a match for our team on the day. Congratulations to our victorious boys and their coaches.

img20220616100558 - copy

On Wednesday, our fourth classes took part in a football blitz, with two other schools from Westmeath, held in Shamrocks G.F.C. The boys and girls played on mixed teams and had a great time! Afterwards Kieran Martin, who plays on Westmeath Senior football team spoke to the children about his journey in sport and encouraged them all to get involved in sport and physical activity.

active school week 2022 b

On Thursday, our boys football team played in the final of the Cumann na mBunscoil Division 1 final against St Kenny's N.S. Kilpatrick. Our team played well but after a strong hard fought encounter, St Kenny's came out on top. Great effort boys. Well done for making it to the final. 


June 10th 2022

Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann

'The Homecoming'


fleadh logoI'm sure there's not a person around, not even a dog in the street, who doesn't know what's coming up later in the Summer in Mullingar! Of course it's the Fleadh Cheoil! The Fleadh Cheoil was to take place in 2020 and 2021, but sadly Covid put a stop to that. So after waiting two long years, Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann is coming back to Mullingar.

Back in 1951, the first national festival of Irish traditional music was held in Mullingar and was organised by Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann. This festival of traditional Irish music included competitions of music, song and dance and awards were presented. The festival was such a success that it was decided to repeat it the following year and give it the title of 'Fleadh Cheoil' which simply means 'Feast of Music'. The Fleadh has been held in many different locations since that first year but finally it's returning home to Mullingar. 


All this week, the students in St Colman's have been celebrating all things 'Fleadh' related. They've learned about the history of the Fleadh, taken part in quizzes and followed drawing tutorials of traditional Irish instruments.

On Thursday, each class group attended a 'musical treat' in the school hall. Ms Duffy on Piano, Ms Clarke on drums and Ms Casey on violin were joined by some talented St Colman's students and some seasoned musicians. Philip Clarke, who happens to be Ms Clarke's dad, was on piano accordion, Olive Kilbane played violin and Noel Battle was on harmonica, and, playing together, they gave us a taster of what we can expect in August.

fleadh cheoil school celebrations

This morning, each class had the opportunity to visit the school hall and see instruments up close. They learned about each instrument - the banjo, tin whistle, button accordion, piano accordion, drum, bodhrán and violin also called fiddle. They also listened to the sound each instrument makes.

fleadh cheoil school celebrations b


This afternoon, we had the pleasure of welcoming Joe Connaire to the school. Joe is the chairperson of Westmeath Comhaltas and of the Fleadh Committee. He is also husband to Louise who is one of our Special Needs Assistants. Joe spoke to the children about what it's like being part of the Fleadh and the joy you get from playing an instrument. He encouraged them all to try playing one of the many instruments that are used in traditional music. Joe himself began playing the banjo at 12 years of age and is self taught. He was joined by his daughter Ellen on tin whistle and the Dunleavy sisters Aoife and Anna on banjo and guitar. They played individually and together and got the audience clapping along. June Shanley, a Special Needs Assistant in St Colman's showed us her set dancing skills and Ellen danced a reel.

fleadh cheoil school celebrations c

Today we also had a non-uniform day, where we asked the children to donate whatever they could and all proceeds will go to the Fleadh fundraiser. There has been a huge amount of work involved in getting Mullingar ready for Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann 2022. It is estimated that the cost will be in the region of €1.7 million so every donation helps. It's running from July 31st until August 7th and will attract in the region of 500,000 visitors to Mullingar from near and far. Judging by the wonderful performances in the school hall over the last two days, the Fleadh is going to be an amazing event that you won't want to miss.  Make sure you put those dates in your diary and ENJOY!


April 29th 2022

Farewell Mrs Garvey

img20220427174424 - copy - copyIt was with a heavy heart that we bade farewell to our wonderful principal, Mrs Mary Garvey, today. Mrs Garvey has been such a pivotal figure in St Colman's for 38 years and she will be sorely missed by all who were lucky enough to know her. 

Mrs Garvey began as a substitute teacher in St Colman's in 1981. She went on to have her teaching practice with us in 1982 and 1983 and then, on September 3rd 1984, Mrs Garvey joined the permanent staff of St Colman's N.S. The first class she taught was second class, but during her time as a teacher she has taught every class level and has spent time in Special Education. She has been instrumental in bringing many educational initiatives to the school which have enhanced every classroom.

img20220427182443 - copyIn 2000, Mrs Garvey became deputy principal working alongside Mrs O'Sullivan. Mrs Garvey took this new role seriously and continued working to ensure that every classroom was equipped with all the necessary resources to help children of all abilities. Mrs Garvey always had a keen interest in helping children with additional needs and it was during this time as deputy principal, that she stepped things up a gear by researching new approaches that would respond to the diversity of needs that are found in classrooms today.

img20220427182454 - copyWhen Mrs O'Sullivan retired in December 2010, everyone waited with bated breath to see who her successor would be. The news that it was Mrs Garvey was greeted with delight. She took up the role in January 2011 and from that first day right up until this morning, Mrs Garvey has worked tirelessly to improve all aspects of school life for the students and their families, staff and the extended school community. At all times, Mrs Garvey endeavoured to make every child feel welcome and experience a sense of belonging. She strived to remove any and all barriers to enable every student to achieve the maximum benefit from their schooling.

I chatted with some of the students in fourth class this week and asked them what comes to mind when they think of Mrs Garvey. There was no shortage of replies..... caring, helpful, choose time, Christmas fair, Communion parties, graduation night, stories and Gaeilge over the intercom, dressing up as a witch on Halloween, bouncy castles, amazing school tours, good sense of humour, ice cream van, playground markings, 5K garden party and The Big Sing. The replies just kept coming, which only goes to prove how much everyone loved Mrs Garvey.

mrs garveys class visit

This week, we began a week of celebrations as we said our goodbyes to Mrs Garvey. On Monday morning, Mrs Garvey was greeted with decorations hanging from the trees, all made by the children. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Mrs Garvey visited every classroom in the school. Each class had prepared a song or poem. Some of the songs were Mr Garvey's favourites and some were written especially for her to the melody of a familiar tune. There was much reminiscing, many funny anecdotes and plenty of laughs. On Wednesday evening, we held a tea party outside on the front lawn. Parents and children turned up in their droves and a wonderful time was had by all.

mrs garveys garden party

mrs garveys garden party b

img20220428102400 - copyOn Thursday we had 'Mrs Garvey's Fun Day'. The students from junior infants to first class travelled to Jungle Joes by bus and had a fun activity morning. When they returned to the school, their day was finished off with a Teddy Bear's Picnic. The children from second to sixth Class remained at the school and enjoyed activities on the front lawn. Each class took it in turns to move from inflatable fun to a water game to mental agility games. We also had a visit from 'Mrs Jelly Tots' (AKA Mrs Garvey) with water gun in hand ready to shower anyone who came close! Before home time, an ice cream van turned up and every child and adult had cones in the sunshine.

mrs garveys fun day

mrs garveys fun day b

mrs garveys fun day c

To end the week of festivities, a Mass was held in St Paul's Church on Friday morning, officiated by Fr Phil Gaffney. Students, staff, parents, past pupils, former staff and well wishers gathered to wish Mrs Garvey all the best, as she enters the next chapter of her life. happy-sunMany contributed to the celebration, all with kind words to say. Our school choir sang some very well chosen hymns and songs that were special to Mrs Garvey. As the Mass drew to a close, everyone sung a St Colman's version of 'Walking on Sunshine'.


This fantastic fun-filled and sometimes emotional week culminated in a loud and cheerful send off, when all the children and staff gathered outside the school. A guard of honour was created by our fifth and sixth classes and Mrs Garvey left in her newly decorated car to the cheers and applause of the crowd! 

mrs garveys car leaves

Mrs Garvey, we would all like to thank you for everything you have done for us and all that you've done to make St Colman's the fantastic school that it is. We wish you a long and happy retirement, that includes many fun adventures, happiness in abundance and of course good health to enjoy.

Go n-eirí an bóthar leat!


March 11th 2022

Ukraine Crisis Fundraiser


The reports we hear daily of the atrocities which are taking place in Ukraine at the moment are becoming all too familiar to us. Every time we switch on the television, the devasting consequences of the war are there for all to see. This is hard for all of us to watch but is even more heartbreaking for the Ukrainian families who are part of our school community.

Today, as a show of solidarity and support, we held a non-uniform day. Children and staff turned up this morning wearing clothes in blue or yellow, the colours of the Ukrainian flag. Donations were made via the Aladdin app throughout the week and more were delivered in person today. We are delighted to say that so far we have raised almost €5,000. This money will go directly to the Irish Red Cross Ukrainian Crisis Appeal. Thank you to everyone who generously supported this worthy cause. The payment link on the Aladdin app will remain live until Monday. Below are some photos of the children today.

ukraine fundraiser 

ukraine fundraiser b

ukraine fundraiser d

ukraine fundraiser e


February 11th 2022

Fond Farewell


Today, we said a fond farewell to Ann Fitzsimons, one of our long-standing Special Needs Assistants. Ann began working in St Colman's in November 2001 and since then she has worked with countless children across every class level. Her gentle, quiet manner has been a comfort to many students on good and bad days. Ann has worked with numerous teachers over the years and everyone found her calm presence and commitment to the students extremely helpful in a busy classroom.

At 2pm, Mrs Garvey spoke to each class over the intercom. She invited a group of sixth class students to tell us their memories of when Ann worked in their class. They presented Ann with a gift from all the students in the school - a family pass for Tullynally Castle to enjoy with her grandchildren. Mrs Garvey then asked Conan from fifth class to read a poem written especially for Ann entitled, 'The Coolest SNA in Town'. Afterwards, Conan presented Ann with a hand-crafted book containing a page written by every class group in the school. 

We would all like to wish Ann a long, happy and healthy retirement.

fond farewell - ann fitzsimons  


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