Third/Fourth Classes

May 14th 2018

Boxing Classmates

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Erin Murray from Ms Murphy's Third Class is a member of Elite Boxing Club. She recently took part in a competition in St Conleth's Boxing Club in Kildare. She was very happy to walk away with a trophy in the U10 age group.

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Owen Maughan, a classmate of Erin's, is also a boxer. He is a member of Rochfortbridge Boxing Club. He travelled to Athlone yesterday to take part in a competition and came home with a medal in the U12 age group.

Well done to you both.


April 9th 2018

Young Composers


Our recent snowy weather might have left some feeling 'stir crazy' but not for two young musicians in St Colman's. Leon Griffin and Karol Lachowski from Ms Murphy's Third Class began trumpet lessons with Mr Gerry Lacey back in September and they are already quite accomplished! Inspired by the snow and with time on their hands, the two boys decided to try their hand at composing. Leon composed a piece of music called 'My song' and Karol's composition is called 'Sunshine and Snow'. Mr Lacey was so impressed that he wrote out their work on music sheets and asked the boys to play their compositions in the St Colman's end of year Evening of Music! Well done Leon and Karol, we look forward to hearing your original compositions.

young composers


January 19th 2018

Extra Special Choose Time


Mrs Healy Donoghue's Third Class received a very special delivery today during second break. As the first class to completely fill their target chart, they were rewarded with a 'choose time' with a difference. A special delivery of freshly cooked pizzas made its way to their class and was shared out among the boys and girls. Mrs Healy Donoghue is very proud of the children and hopes they keep up the hard work.

extra special choose time 


December 22nd 2017

Christmas Tales

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This morning, Kevin Kelly from Ms Skelly's Fourth Class, treated everyone to a Christmas tale, which he read over the intercom. Kevin wrote the story himself. It was about a young girl who woke up in the night and found a stranger in her sitting room. She returned to her bed and fell back asleep. When she woke in the morning, she found lots of presents in her sitting room and quickly realised that the stranger must have been Santa!

p1090458 - copyA short while later, Kevin's classmate, Seoidín Thornton visited each classroom and read her self penned story. Seoidín wrote about a young girl who found a mysterious box in her house at Christmas. She tried to find out who owned the box and failed. Curiosity got the better of her and she peeped inside the box. To her surprise she found a kitten looking back at her. When she checked with her grandmother, she was delighted to find that the kitten was her new pet!

Well done and thank you to Kevin and Seoidín for sharing your festive tales with us.  


December 14th 2017

New to Boxing


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Joey Dinnegan from Mrs Healy-Donoghue's Third Class is a new member of Mullingar Elite Boxing Club. He trains three times a week and finds it very enjoyable. He recently took part in a club competition and was delighted to come away with two medals! Well done Joey!