Junior/Senior Classes

September 8th 2017

Settling in Well


Our new junior infant students have just finished their first full week in school and are settling into their new surroundings very well! By now, many are walking to class on their own in the mornings, eager to start the day!  

The school playground can be quite daunting to these new students and in an attempt to help them settle in, our sixth class students spent some time with them today and taught them some of the old playground games that have been keeping children active and healthy for decades. This will become a weekly event and I have no doubt that both the junior infants and the sixth class pupils will be looking forward to it each week.

settling in well 2017

settling in well 2017 b


June 13th 2017

Walk a Mile with a Smile... and a Buddy!


Our sixth class students like nothing better than to walk a mile with a smile! Today they did just that and they even brought a 'Buddy' from senior infants with them!

walk a mile with a smile and a buddy 2017


June 12th 2017

Tug of War

We were very happy to once again welcome Cathy Sheerin to the school today to impart some of her extensive knowledge of 'Tug of War' to the children. Below the children from Ms Mulcair's Junior Infant Class and Ms Hamill's Senior Infant Class try out some of their newly acquired skills!

tug of war 2017 


May 5th 2017

The Farm


The boys and girls in Ms Hamill's Senior Infant Class have been learning all about the farm. A farm is a very busy place, with many animals and lots of machinery. They learned many interesting facts, for example, did you know that adult male sheep are called 'rams' and adult female sheep are called 'ewes'? Also wild pigs are called 'boars'. One facts you might find unbelieveable is that chickens are able to recognise and remember over 100 individuals, including humans!

The children used the information they learned  while 'report writing' in their English lessons and they made for very good reading! During their Art lessons, the children created their favourite animal. The results were wonderful. The finished animals were displayed in a barn on their classroom wall and they certainly brighten up the place!

the farm


April 24th 2017

European Open Premiership

p1080397 - copy

Amy Devanney from Mr Boyle's Senior Infant Class travelled to Killarney on Friday last to take part in the 'World Irish Dance Association'  European Open Championships. She won no less than six medals and a trophy & sash when she came first in the U7 age group. Well done Amy, keep up the hard work!