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April 26th 2021

Sunshine Smiles


Glorious sunshine brings smiles to all our faces, so there were an abundance of smiles around the school today! Many classes took the opportunity to go outside and enjoy the wonderful weather.

The boys and girls in Ms Clarke's Third Class decided to take a walk along the canal. They met dog walkers and cyclists on their journey. They also saw two graceful swans gliding along the water before they took flight. A majestic sight! What a wonderful way to start the week!

sunshine smiles

sunshine smiles b


April 23rd 2021

3D Shapes


The boys and girls in Ms Molloy's Second Class have been learning all about 3D shapes in their Maths lessons. A 3D or three dimensional shape is a solid figure, object or shape that has three dimensions - length, width and height. They have thickness and depth, unlike 2D shapes.

During their Art lesson this week, the young students enjoyed making their own 3D shapes using cocktail sticks and marshmallows. They were very inventive and managed to make many of the 3D shapes they've learned about.

3d shapes 2021


April 21st 2021

Balloon-Powered Cars


The students in Mr O'Reilly's Fifth Class have been learning how to design and build a balloon-powered car in their Science lessons. Balloons are elastic and store potential energy when they are filled with air. When that energy is released, it is converted into the energy of motion, which is also known as kinetic energy. Kinetic energy propels the car forward.

The boys and girls gathered recycled materials that were salvaged from their recycle bins. Plastic bottle lids, cardboard boxes, and plastic containers were some of the items used. The children put together the cars, decorated them and then headed to the playground to test them out. Well done to Ella May, Leah and Aaliyah who designed the car that travelled the furthest distance. They were delighted to collect their prize of a homework pass! Well done everyone!

balloon powered cars 2021


December 19th 2020

Hot Chocolate Treat

When the days get shorter and the temperature drops, what could be better to warm you up than a steaming cup of hot chocolate! The lucky boys and girls in Mrs Gilligan's Fourth Class enjoyed that very treat this week, courtesy of classmate Alfie Rock's dad Colin. After donning their hi-vis jackets, the children walked to Cosgrove's and savoured the delicious hot drink. In return, the children sang some festive tunes for Colin. Many thanks to Colin for this very generous pre-Christmas gift, by all accounts it was top notch-

hot chocolate treat a


December 11th 2020

Schooltime Shoutout

20201211 115209 - copyFor those of you who travel to school by car in the mornings, you might listen to the radio on the way. If you listen to Breakfast with Doireann and Eoghan on 2FM, you'll have heard the Schooltime Shoutout. Children from all over the country are asked to sing a small tune about themselves and their school, to the melody of the 'Can-Can'. On Tuesday this week, Cian Gavin from Mrs Byrne's First Class was delighted to be one of the lucky boys and girls to be chosen! Cian sang...

music noteMy name is Cian

    And I'm 7 years old

      And I go to school in

             St Colman's, Mullingar.music note


Well done Cian, it's great to have one of our students represent the school on 2FM! 

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